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Our natural latex foam mattresses and pillows are made from concentrated natural rubber derived from the rubber tree in the Southern of Thailand. Our natural latex mattress, topper and pillow
can be called "100% Natural Latex Products" because no any synthetic rubbers (Styrene Butadiene Rubber: SBR), which made from aromatic carbon substances, are added into our production process.

Moreover, no filler or extender was contained in our mattress and pillow foams. And one of the most important benefits of 100% natural latex mattress and pillow is hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial and dust-mite resistant. Accordingly, you can ensure that our mattress and pillow foam are "real" healthy products. 

Our "100% Natural Latex Pillows" were designed for a good shoulder and neck support with appropriate softness. Our pillows can maintain spine in alignment and reduce neck pain after you wake up. We have several series for your selection for the best comfort.

- Rough Contour: dimension 58x37x10/12 cms, weight 1.10-1.40 KGS
- Smooth Contour:dimension 58x37x10/12 cms, weight 1.10-1.25 KGS
- Heart Shape: dimension 60x40x12 cms, weight 1.10-1.25 KGS
- Durian: dimension 60x40x12 cms, weight 1.00-1.20 KGS

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